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Wendy Saunders is the founder of Compassionate Leader, LLC.  Wendy has studied mindfulness and compassion intensively since 2012 and has actively integrated these concepts into leadership development and workplace training curriculum for a number of years with the largest non-profit organization in the United States (the YMCA), as well as with other organizations, companies, schools and districts, and groups.

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Compassionate leaders recognize that their full-time staff spend roughly a third of their lives at work. They realize that quality of life for their staff is in large part dependent upon the quality of their life experience during their working hours. Transform your workplace culture—and the quality of life for your staff and colleagues—through leadership development offerings like these:

Leadership Training

Change Management

Compassion in Organizations

Critical Thinking and Thought Leadership

Why are organizations and schools investing in mindfulness & compassion?

Less Stress & Anxiety

Leaders and staff learn how to lessen stress and anxiety levels and increase ease, well-being, clarity, focus, and productivity.


Leaders and staff become more resilient and work more effectively with challenging emotions, thoughts, and workplace dynamics.

Presence & Connection

Leaders and staff become more present for and connected with colleagues, staff, clients, family members, students, and others.

To transform Workplace Culture

Cultivating a more compassionate culture can drive higher staff engagement, retention, collaboration, and accountability.

to Strengthen Leadership Skills

Further developing critical leadership qualities, such as emotional intelligence, psychological safety, inclusion, and decision making.

It’s Evidence-Based

Thousands of research studies demonstrate the effectiveness of training in these two skills. Workplace studies available upon request.

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