Workplace & Leadership Training

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard, Writer

Compassionate leaders recognize that their full-time staff spend roughly a third of their lives at work. They realize that quality of life for their staff is in large part dependent upon the quality of their life experience during their working hours. Do staff feel they are valued, heard, and treated well? Do they feel they have an enriching relationship with their supervisor? Do they feel the company–and their supervisor–truly care about their well-being? Are concrete actions taken to ensure that the workplace culture is diverse, inclusive, and equitable? Do staff feel they belong? Do they feel safe to share their ideas and concerns? Is mental well-being prioritized? Do staff feel a sense of purpose and belonging? Compassionate leaders take these questions and more very seriously, and they are intentional about ensuring their workplace reflects their commitment to these ideals. They help to ensure that all of the organization’s leaders at all levels have the skills and mindset to keep staff engaged and contributing at the highest levels. They know that when staff contribute at these high levels because they want to, not just because they have to, their workforce and their organization will thrive.

In an effort to advance these compassionate cultures in companies, organizations, and schools for a better world, Compassionate Leader offers training and consultation on workplace and leadership development topics including:

Leadership Training

Change Management

Compassion in Organizations

Critical Thinking and Thought Leadership

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity


We also provide pre-/post-training and administer the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment to raise awareness of intercultural competence and strategies for enhancing intercultural competence in your organization.

For Educators, Youth, & Teens

Compassionate Leader also provides implementation support and educator training for Emory University’s SEE Learning curriculum–a K-12 curriculum which supports the mental well-being of youth and teens (future leaders!), educators, counselors, and administrators in schools, afterschool programs, camps, and other educational settings. The SEE Learning curriculum integrates kindness and compassion, trauma-informed care practices, mindfulness, and resiliency skills into the classroom and out-of-school time programs.  It can support, replace, or expand upon existing SEL programs. Custom offerings to meet the unique needs of your school or organization are available–please reach out to learn more.

Consultation formats include (virtual and in-person):

Please contact us for availability, scheduling, and pricing for your organization, school/school district, or group.

Individual Mindfulness & Compassion Sessions

While studying and practicing mindfulness and compassion in a group setting can accelerate learning, individual educational sessions and coaching can bring more personalized insights and deeper, applied understanding. Individual sessions are held with Wendy Saunders and can be scheduled at a time that is most convenient (even on weekends). Wendy has worked with adults, older youth and teens, and entire families.

Please note that individual mindfulness offerings are not therapy or counseling, though they can serve as a very helpful complement to these approaches to mental well-being. Individual mindfulness and compassion offerings include an educational component, along with a guided meditation and discussion. Exploring approaches for self-compassion has also proven to be valuable for many.

Individual sessions are offered virtually through Zoom or in person in Southern California in these formats:

Please contact us for availability and to schedule your first session. A sliding fee scale is available for those who have a deep interest and limited resources.

CBCT® Courses

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